Leadership Enhancement Programme for Exceptionally Gfited Students

This course is a collaboration between Leadership 21, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education. It aims to help youth leaders to broaden their horizons, to raise their concern to society and to nurture their commitment and active participation in serving. The students, by committing themselves to the city and the country, would take up the responsibilities to further the development of Hong Kong.






  • To foster students’ development in creativity, critical and exploratory thinking, organisational and problem-solving skills
  • To enhance students’ leadership and communication competencies, to cultivate positive values and an initiative learning attitude, thereby promoting their personal and social development
  • To facilitate their leadership development, deepen their understanding of Hong Kong through a series of social service practicums and project study that in turn strengthen their sense of commitment to serving Hong Kong


The multifaceted mode of teaching is specially designed to cater for each of the students’ diverse needs in learning, which includes:

  • Direct Instruction through Lecturing
  • Interactive Activities
  • Case Analysis
  • Field Visit
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Project-based Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Student Presentation
  • Experience Sharing
  • Self-reflection
  • Adventure-based Experiential Camp
  • Sharing with renowned academics and social leaders



1. Leaders for the New Generation

The course aims to instill into participants leadership skills on levels of the self, the team and ultimately the community. Through workshops and an adventure camp and sharing by social leaders, students will be transformed to young leaders with their personal development enhanced, leadership skills strengthened and commitment to society reinforced. 


2. Hong Kong Government Study and Leadership Training

The course puts equal emphasis on both theory and practice. Through field visits and sharing with outspoken academics and social leaders, young leaders would acquire a deeper understanding of crucial political, cultural and social issues in our community today and also reinforce their sense of belonging towards our community. 


3. Effective Leadership and Social Service Projects

This course provides service-based leadership training. Through hands-on experience in planning and implementation of social service practicum, students will enrich and sharpen their leadership skills. Meanwhile, students’ sense of belonging to the community will be reinforced and they will be more committed in serving the community


Course Information


“Student members, Secondary 3 or above, of the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education or of the “Support Measures for the Exceptionally Gifted Students Scheme”(Priority is given to student members of the “Leadership Enhancement Programme”)


40 students

Application Procedure 

Please refer to the website of The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education for further information

(website: http://hkage.org.hk)

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Unit No.2, LG2/F, Shek Pai Wan Shopping Centre, Aberdeen, HK






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