Class Schedule

  1. Please refer to the official website for the date of the course and the venue where it will take place.
  2. If an applicant is unsure of the exact location of the teaching venue within three working days of the starting date of the course, he or she is advised to check with the staff of Leadership 21.
  3. Every effort will be made to ensure that classes meet at the venue and time advertised. However, Leadership 21 reserves the right to make changes if necessary.

Certificate/ Statement of Attendance

  1. Certificates will be awarded to students who have fulfilled the requirements of the course and who have achieved an attendance rate of over 80 %, within three months after the end of the courses (unless otherwise stated).
  2. No certificates will be reissued. Students who need to obtain Statement of Attendance of a course should make a written request to Leadership 21 by email or mail.
  3. Students have to collect the certificates/ statements of attendance within three months after the collection notice is given. Leadership 21 reserves the right on how to handle certificates/ statements of attendance after the collection period has expired.
  4. Certificates will not be distributed by mail unless under exceptional circumstances. Students have to come in person to the office for collection of certificates.