Future Development

To be Hong Kong’s primary provider of leadership and skills training for young people – from senior secondary level to young professionals – facilitating, encouraging and nurturing their development to be outstanding leaders in the public, private and social sectors

Five Schools

Leadership Skills

The School of Leadership Skills teaches leadership skills through innovative and interactive methods of learning.


The School of Communication enhances communicative competence in public speaking, writing and through media applications.

China Studies

The School of China Studies enriches young people's understanding of China’s strategic policies, economic trends, political development, foreign affairs and society and livelihood.

Global Leadership

The HKFYG Jockey Club School of Global Leadership strives to nurture and instill the identity of global citizenship to potential and outstanding youth leaders for the development of Hong Kong as well as the world.

Public Engagement

School of Public Engagement aspires to have young leaders be seen and heard as the role models for the community, adopting unconventional approaches to engage the public and foster recognition for the leaders to inculcate collaboration across sectors, institutions and individuals to advance social progressions in long run.
Signature Features

Historical Building Revitalisation

Opened in 1961, the former Fanling Magistracy was the first Magistracy in the New Territories. Along with the neoclassical architectural style with an emphasis on the balance in structure and proportion, key elements such as original facade, defendants’ carport, Court Room 2 are preserved after revitalisation.

Debate & Speaking Chamber

The former Court Room 1 has been transformed into a Digital Debate Chamber. Furnished with a state-of-the-art conference system, it comes with voting and interpretation functions comparable to the actual LegCo Chamber. By synchronising the Chamber’s videotaping system with the Leadership Institute’s online learning portal, the Chamber will provide participants with an innovative approach to learning the art of public speaking.

Mixed Reality Experience

By using mixed reality and augmented reality technology, culture and history will be combined to give participants a unique and challenging experience to better appreciate their surroundings.


There will be a hostel block to accommodate visiting lecturers and participants from around the world. Positioned as a regional hub for leadership training, the Institute’s residential educational component allows participants the opportunity to develop closer ties and understanding as they live, work and study together.

  • 1960

    The HKFYG was established
  • 1961

    Former Fanling Magistracy (FFM) was established as the first Magistracy in the New Territories
  • 1983 & 1997

    Construction of 2 additional court rooms & Duty Lawyer’s office were completed respectively to meet the rising needs of legal services from the citizens
  • 2000

    The HKFYG Leadership 21 was established to offer comprehensive, systematic and professional leadership training for youths aged from 15 to 34
  • 2002

    FFM ceased operation after the establishment of new Fanling Magistrates' Courts
  • 2010

    FFM was accorded as a Grade III historic building
  • 2013 - 2018

    The HKFYG was granted FFM under the Revitalisation Scheme and has worked on building a leadership institute for Hong Kong
  • 2018

    The HKFYG Leadership Institute came into operation