The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Leadership 21


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Leadership 21, devotes to nurture outstanding leaders with leadership and social responsibilities through providing comprehensive, systemic and professional leadership training for secondary school, university and community leaders in Hong Kong.

Contents of 2012-2013 Courses Prospectus

– Foreword

– Professional Training in Student Leadership

– Professional Training in Community Leadership

– Professional Training for Youth Leadership Trainers

– Leadership Enhancing Series

– English and Public Speaking Skill Enhancing Series

– Major Leadership Training Programmes

– Commissioned Courses

– Information

– Application Form and Nomination Form

– Appendix

Youth & Leadership Series

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups dedicates “Youth & Leadership Series”, a series of ten books, to the young leaders. The series is to aid the youth in developing leadership potential and technique, further enhancing their “commitment to Hong Kong”. “Youth & Leadership Series” particularly targets young readers. The content includes leadership education related theories, knowledge and experience in introducing the young readers different principles and belief of leaders. It could consolidate of the basic characteristics of leaders, such as passion, vision, commitment, ability to inspire and so on.

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