English is an international language, and fluency in it is one of the keys to success in the world today. Young people who strive to compete and excel in the global arena must learn how to communicate in English with confidence. As their fluency improves, opportunities will also widen. With an aim to foster self confidence in English public speaking among the young people of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) is organising "The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups English Public Speaking Contest". The two objectives of the contest are to enhance the public speaking skills of the new generation, and to foster and build the self-confidence of participating individuals. Since its launch in 2004, the Contest has been widely supported by over 400 secondary schools in Hong Kong and the accumulated number of participants has reached 25,894. In 2018, the Contest received 1,778 applications from 155 local secondary schools.

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The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) was founded in 1960 and is now the city’s largest youth service organisation. For the last 56 years, it has been committed to serving the youth of Hong Kong through the provision of a variety of services, activities and programmes, which have an annual attendance of over five million. We encourage youth to reach their fullest potential and with community support, we now have over 70 service units. We also have 12 core services, which include the Youth S.P.O.Ts, M21 Multimedia Services, Employment Services, Youth at Risk Services, Counselling Services, Parenting Services, Leadership Training, Volunteer Services, Education Services, Creativity Education and Youth Exchange, Leisure, Cultural and Sports Services, and Research and Publications. We encourage young people to grow into responsible and dutiful citizens and we now have over 200,000 registered volunteers and 460,000 registered members. We believe that our motto HKFYG • Here for You reaffirms our commitment and dedication to the young people of Hong Kong.



The HKFYG Leadership Institute is the first leadership institute in the territory dedicated to creating a new generation of leaders for Hong Kong. It celebrates the start of a new chapter at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups which has long been committed to enhancing the capacity of young people and fostering their sense of commitment to serve the community.  Since 2000, over 150,000 student leaders have been provided with comprehensive training to become leaders through a variety of programmes.  These include the signature “Hong Kong 200” that focuses on training and service to the community; the “Salzburg Global Seminar” that enhances global perspective; and the well established  “English Public Speaking Contest” that provides a platform for young people to demonstrate their language proficiency.  Located at the premises of the revitalised former Fanling Magistracy, the Leadership Institute will continue to create a pool of responsible, civic-minded and ethical young leaders who have the passion and commitment to help build up Hong Kong as a diverse, yet inclusive, innovative and creative city.  Through the Leaders Institute’s Five Schools, these young leaders will have the opportunity to experience, embrace and be educated in a wide range of leadership skills, develop their communication abilities, broaden their perspective and knowledge of both the world and China, while also engaging in public service.  



Since its foundation in 1865, HSBC has adapted to and helped serve the needs of a changing world. It has financed economic growth, nurtured international trade and overcome events such as economic crises. We recognise that governments, corporations, the financial system and civil society are all stakeholders of climate change and sustainability challenges. Now more than ever, there is a need to develop the skills, business innovation and low-carbon solutions needed to secure long-term prosperity for all. For HSBC, these are the key elements of sustainable growth which we can influence. Sustainable finance As one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations, HSBC aspires to be a leading global partner in the transition to a low-carbon future. We have committed to provide USD100 billion to sustainable financing and investments by 2025. Improving the efficiency of our own operations is also part of our commitments, and we will source 100 per cent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Sustainable networks and entrepreneurship Sustainable growth is supported by resilient and responsible international trade networks. We work with our corporate partners and non-governmental organisations to support business practices that protect the environment and human rights, while helping new companies emerge and grow. Future skills In a rapidly changing world, workplace skills and financial literacy are more important than ever. We support our customers, communities and employees to develop the financial capability and employability skills they need to succeed in the global economy.

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The English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth in Hong Kong is a member of an international organisation that is active in fifty-five countries. Our partner in the United States oversees ESU organisations in every one of the fifty States (sometimes more than one "ESU" in a particular state, e.g., California). In Hong Kong, we offer both members and non-members opportunities to USE English in a variety of contexts. These opportunities include participation in public-speaking workshops, seminars that focus on presentation and communication skills, English play-readings and conversation groups entitled "English in Action."

A Distinguished Speaker series features speakers of international standing who address topics of current international concern. These speakers have included our patron, Dr Anson Chan, GBM, GCMG, JP; the British Consul-General in Hong Kong; the Lord Watson of Richmond, CBE; Mr Dick Lee, former Commissioner of Police in Hong Kong, and Mr Robert Lloyd George, the great-grandson of a famous British Prime Minister.

Each year, the ESU in London offers two scholarships to Hong Kong. One of these scholarships is ear-marked by the ESU (HK) for the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association. The other scholarship is offered to the winner of the Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Competition, organised annually by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the English-Speaking Union (HK).

The ESU in Hong Kong is proud to be associated with the English Speaking Contest which offers participants excellent opportunities to polish their skills and to gain experience that will stand them in good stead in the future.

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