1Is participation in the Pre-Contest Training Course compulsory?
No, enrollment in the Pre-Contest Training Course is optional, yet contestants are encouraged to participate in the Training to learn more from the experienced speakers and peer winners!


1Is it necessary for me to be a Chinese citizen or a Hong Kong resident in order to apply for the Contest?
No, the only eligibility for this Contest is that the applicants must be secondary students under full-time education in Hong Kong. However, if you win the Contest, in order to be eligible for the International and National competitions, you must meet the requirement of nationality and age requirement. The final decision will be made upon the organisers of competitions (National Contest - China Daily, International Contest - English-Speaking Union)
2Is there any age limit for either the junior or senior divisions?
No, the only eligibility for this Contest is that the applicants must be secondary students under full-time education in Hong Kong.
3Can I apply if I am not fluent in English?
Yes of course. We strongly encourage all students who are interested to join. This would be a very precious opportunity to learn and gain experience.
4Can I still participate if I am unavailable for the District Preliminary Rounds?
Contestants must go through the District Preliminary Rounds in order to enter the District Semi-Finals. However, you can still join our Pre-Contest Training Courses and participate as an audience in the Grand Finals.
5Can I get any certification to prove my participation in the Contest?
A certificate will be issued to all contestants who completed the District Preliminary Rounds. The certificate will acknowledge the furthest round that the contestant has achieved.
6Can I enter the contest under personal context or private teachers? Is it a must to supply the teacher's information?
Yes, contestants can enter the contest under personal context or private teachers. Teacher's information is optional and can be neglected if not applicable.


1When and how will I know the contest schedule?
The contest schedule of the Regional Preliminary Rounds will be posted online after the Application Deadline. Any amendments and announcement of the contest schedule will be posted on our website.
2Can I choose my own contest date and time?
No, the contest date and time will be assigned randomly for each contestant.
3What if I know in advance that I am not available for some particular dates and times during the Regional Preliminary Rounds?
Contestants have to send an email, stating clearly their unavailable dates and times with a valid reason to the Secretariat before the given deadline. Any late submission will not be accepted. We will try to accommodate the contestants' needs, yet getting the preferred time slot is not guaranteed due to the enormous number of applications.
4Can I change my contest time slot?
Contest schedule can only be changed if a contestant is able to locate another contestant to swap the time slot with him/her. The contestant must fill in the time slot interchange form to file such requests.


1Can I wear my school uniform?
No. Please refer to the "Rules and Regulations".
2Can I present a speech written by someone other than myself?
No. Please refer to the "Rules and Regulations". Every speech must be your own writing and cannot be shared between participants.
3Will the HKFYG provide any guidelines to help me select a speech topic?
For the prepared speeches at the Regional Preliminary Rounds, contestants are free to select their own topic, yet we will provide you with good tips on our learning platform at “Sir Ti Liang Yang English Language Ambassadors Outreach Programme” website from time to time, so do check it out frequently.
4Do I need to prepare anything besides my speech for the contest?
Not for the Regional Preliminary Round, but contestants will need to prepare for an impromptu speech and a Q&A session when they reach further stages. No pops are allowed in the contest.
5Will I still be considered if my speeches go over three minutes?
Contestants must stop making their speeches once the time is over. No grace period will be given.
6Will I be able to ask for judges' comments at the Contest?
Due to the tight contest schedule, contestants may not be able to get the judges' comments immediately after the Contest, yet they will get the comment sheets together with the certificate later on.


1When can I receive the certificate of participation?
The certificate of participation will be ready in May, 2019. Contestants are required to come to the office of The HKFYG Leadership Institute to get their certificates.
2Are the book vouchers convertible to cash?
No, the book vouchers are not convertible to cash.

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